Lessons from a thief

Recently, I got robbed.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

No one was hurt. A few things were taken, but nothing important. A door window broken.

Ultimately, it was the best outcome for a robbery.

It did cost a fair amount of money to repair the damage and to upgrade to a modern security system, though. A necessary precaution we decided to take to help us feel safe.

The bills started piling up, sometimes little by little, and sometimes in big leaps.

But you know what? Even as the cost climbed higher, I never felt worried.

Three years ago, I would have panicked. Three years ago, I might have had to rack up credit card debt to pay for everything.

Three years ago, I didn’t have a plan designed by Plan & Act to protect against a situation exactly like this.

It’s an odd feeling, to have that awareness. It’s frustrating – I wish I didn’t have to spend the money – but at the same time empowering. The plan I have is working.

If you take anything away from this article, let it be these lessons I have learned through experience:

  • Having the right amount of Ready Cash will save you when you least expect it. Having too much will cost you purchasing power due to inflation. Having too little will cost you massive stress when you don’t have it available to pull from.
  • Something will always come up. Sometimes, multiple somethings happen at the same time. Our aim is to protect you from three disasters happening at the same time.
  • Peace of Mind is worth more than we give it credit.

I’d never expected this to happen. But now that it has, I’m glad that I had walked the walk with our financial plans so that this experience has been an inconvenience, but not a catastrophe.

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