Robert Schumann

Senior Adviser

As the world enters a period very similar to the 1930-1945 lost decade of the Great Depression, Bob’s 20+ year mission of being the Henry Ford of Fee-Only financial coaching and fiduciary investment advice has never been more critical. As Warren Buffett says, “It’s only when the tide goes out that you can tell who was swimming naked.”

At the end of the most recent Great Recession and the market crash of 2007-2009, Business Week listed Schumann as #1 out of the top 50 fiduciary investment advisors. He is also a Senior Leader/Life Coach trained by Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes, an internationally renowned teacher in family therapy and brief therapy. He and his clients have been quoted in numerous print and online publications including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Smart Money, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Money Magazine, MSN Money, the Columbus Dispatch and Columbus Business First. TV appearances include the WCMH Channel 4 News and the NBC Today Show. He is a contributor to Tips from the Top--Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds, edited by Edie Milligan and published by Alpha, 2003.

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