Chief Advice Officer

Robert J. Schumann

Robert J. Schumann is the Chief Advice Officer of Plan & Act, an SEC registered internet investment advisor. He holds three Master's degrees: an MBA from Ohio State University with a major in capital markets; an MA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a major in Hebrew and Semitic Studies and a minor in Linguistics; and an MDIV from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Bob and his clients have been quoted in numerous printed and online publications including The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Money Magazine, MSN Money, the Columbus Dispatch andColumbus Business First. TV appearances include the WCMH Channel 4 News. He is a contributor to Tips from the Top-Targeted Advice from America's Top Money Minds, edited by Edie Milligan and published by Alpha, 2003.

Economics and Capital Market Expertise

Bob's interest in economics and capital markets goes back to 1983 when he was a graduate student at UW-Madison. He began investing at the start of the longest bull market in history. When he retired from public ministry in 1994, giving financial advice seemed like a perfect fit with his life-long interest in helping people.

As a former professional counselor Bob had witnessed the conflict and unhappiness caused by dysfunctional money beliefs and habits. It seemed like a perfect fit for his life long interest in helping people and the skills he had acquired in his first career. The teaching and counseling skills he had acquired as a minister made him a pioneer in applying the new science of behavioral finance. Looking back at his career path, Bob says he sees a consistent direction in his journey from "minister of souls" to "doctor of money and mammon."

Credentials and Licenses

Bob is a founding Partner of two companies: Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC and FinancialAdvice4Me, LLC, doing business as Plan & Act. He holds numerous credentials, licenses and memberships, including: NAPFA Registered Personal Financial Advisor, National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), Certified Financial Planner®, Registered Investment Advisor and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®.

Additionally, Bob holds the designation of a Chartered Financial Consultant and is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers in all 50 states. He is an authorized advisor for the distribution of proprietary DFA no-load funds. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® he meets federal standards of ERISA and PPA (Pension Protection Act of 2006) for advisors who give investment advice to sponsors of and/or participants in 401(k) and other Qualified Retirement Plans. The Paladin Registry of Personal Financial Advisors has given him its highest rating of 5-stars. In 2009 Business Week listed him as one of the top 50 advisors in the nation as scored on a 100 point system.

He and his wife, Jana, live with three of their four children and one granddaughter, in Buena Vista, CO.

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