Investment Advice

If you think about your financial plan as the roadmap, then Investment advice is the most advanced advice we provide to help you grow your wealth. Contact us at after you receive a plan from us, and we will discuss actions you can take to implement our investment advice.

Plan & Act gives you objective, independent financial planning and advice, as well as providing you with fiduciary Investment Advice services to help you implement your plan. A plan without action is like a luxury car with no wheels. It’s nice to look at but it will never get you anywhere. Having the most stellar Financial Plan without following its recommendations will never help you reach your financial goals.

Making Plan & Act your Money Manager gives you the opportunity to put your Financial Plan into action. This is done with the help of one of our Implementation Representatives who will contact you to explain the recommendations in your Financial Plan and enroll you in the Investment Advice services.

Through a relationship with Scottrade, Plan & Act is able to offer you a full line of investment options to help you reach your financial goals. We also make it easy for you to transfer your existing accounts to their platform, enabling us to play a more proactive role in the ongoing money management process. In about 10 minutes, you can open an account by completing their online application. Then submit the Account Transfer Form that will be provided to you by one of our Implementation Representatives who will contact you via telephone, and you’re ready to get started.

The entire process is very simple.

  • #1 Get Your Plan - Once you have gone through the online interview to have Plan & Act’s objective and thorough Financial Plan completed and delivered to you via our secure customer portal, an Implementation Representative will contact you by phone at a time convenient for you to identify any further information that may be required and what the next steps will be.

  • #2 Enroll in Ongoing Investment Advice - Then, the Implementation Representative will help enroll you in the Investment Advice service so that your assets are managed in a fiduciary manner in accordance to the personalized recommendations stated in your plan. This includes asset allocation and quarterly portfolio rebalancing.
  • View an example of an Investment Advice (PDF)

  • #3 Receive Continual Investment Advice - Since Financial Planning is not a “once and done” event but rather a lifelong process, you will receive quarterly communication from Plan & Act via email and from an Implementation Representative to help you continue to stay on course and make adjustments as changes in your life demand it. An annual financial plan will be done for you for the same low fee of $199.
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